Power Circuit Breakers
for safety and protection
 Przekazniki róznicowo- pradowe

Earth Leakage

Terasaki TemProtect monitoring and control devices provide earth leakage protection and monitoring for most industrial and commercial applications. They are used to monitor earth currents to protect electrical equipment and personnel against dangers such as electric faults. TemProtect has been designed to be as flexible as possible to suit a wide range of applications. The range includes Din Rail, Panel or base mount versions, relays suitable for use in AC systems (unaffected by DC components which may be present). All relays comply with international standards including IEC 60255.

ELR Protection Selection





ELR Protection - ELR-1E ELR Protection - ELRC-1 ELR Protection - ELR-3C ELR Protection - CT-1
Flush mounted DIN
Relay with Built-in Torodial Transformer
Space Saving
DIN rail mounted unit (DIN 43880 standard)
the three modules width 15.5mm
Supervision Relay monitors circuit
breakers tripping circuit
  • Adjustable tripping current and time delay settings
  • Selectable automatic or manual reset facility
  • Adjustable time/current multiplier setting
  • Test Button
  • LEDs to indicate the units status